Q: Are you a full sit down restaurant like Orangeville?

A: We are a bit different here in Guelph. Although we offer some chairs and seating, we are more of a grab ‘n’ go style spot without table service. We feel it lends itself more to our location and to the offerings at Lyve


Q: Is your menu the same at Soulyve and Lyve?

A: We offer a handful of the same items at both spots, but they are not identical. Our Guelph location is geared more towards quick service as opposed to the full sit down dining experience. As such, not all of our menu items translate. However, we have added half a dozen varieties of power patties to our menu at Lyve, and will be featuring specialty favourites on a weekly basis!     


Q: Do you have the Reggae Wrap?

A: Probably the question that will be asked the most. At this time, we do not. There are many factors, as we know it’s an incredibly popular item at Soulyve. The space needed for the shells, the oven space to warm them, the assembly process. Unfortunately, it would not be up to our standards to make it an offering. As such we’ve come up with the ‘BYOB’, which starts with rice & peas, jerk chicken or vegetable topping and we let you choose whatever else you’d like! A wide variety of ingredients and sauces to customize how you like right on the spot.


Q: What about the traditional items like oxtail, curry goat, etc.

A: As we get accustomed to our new space, we’ll tinker with the menu. One thing we’ve realized is your desire for traditional Caribbean items such as curry chicken, oxtail and goat. We are planning to add these over time so we can offer the best possible experience!


Q: Do you offer catering?

A: We do! Although we don’t have a full catering menu put together just yet, give us a call or send us an email and we’d be happy to put something together for you! You can also call ahead to place your take-out order any time!